We find it hard to talk about death. Coping with our loved ones’ end of life and confronting our fear of death and our own mortality are profound challenges we’re facing. It isn’t just our parents we’re losing. Spouse, colleague, neighbor, so many of our friends are passing on.

In Memoir of Mourning: Journey through Grief and Loss to Renewal, I write with candour and some humour of Mom’s life and her bouts with cancer and bipolar disease. I scribbled down my thoughts – raw, intense, and immediate during Mom’s dying days and the trauma of death and burial. I describe how hard it is to express my grief, even to my closest family. No one really wants to hear my answer when they ask me, How are you?

I emphasize the importance of celebrating family and community traditions. Remembering to remember. My story assures us we’re all connected in our need to share our sorrow and be comforted. As I was writing Memoir of Mourning, I came to realize what a relief it was for me to describe what I was going through and to share my experiences. I hope that sharing my story helps guide you through your deep sorrow and brings you solace.

In addition to enriching readers on an individual basis, Memoir of Mourning serves as a thoughtful companion piece for support programs and palliative care training for professionals and volunteers. It is a useful resource for any organization committed to supporting individuals and families experiencing the loss of their loved one.

For immediate support I have compiled a document of “Five Ways to Help You in Your Grief” that you can access immediately. Just tell me in the form below where to send it and I’d be happy to get it over to you.

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