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Claudia_sm_bookstoreMemoir of Mourning has received excellent reviews from The Ottawa Citizen, the Brockville Recorder and Times, and the Glebe Community Report. Readers have written me to say how my stories have helped them come to terms with their own experiences of loss and death and by sharing their own stories with me feel less alone with their sorrow and loneliness. A large number of reviews are posted on my book’s page on www.amazon.com .

Here are a few comments I’ve received:

This story shows the raw emotion of losing and coming to grips with the loss of a loved one. It takes great courage to share the most personal details of the ‘inevitability of life’ and the author has expressed her experience with such openness that it will undoubtedly be of great comfort and solace to others.


This book hits home for anyone. If you are in mourning, it will be consoling. If you aren’t in mourning, it will be educational. So read it and grow.



This is a thoughtful and engaging account of the grief process. The author shares her vulnerabilities with us and gives us permission to explore our own places of grief.


I lost four of my family in a short period of time. I am suffering deep depression. This book was very encouraging to me. It let me know other people feel the same way I do. Great book. Made me feel sad, but I know there are better memories. Recommend this book to everyone going through this time in their life or for others who will be.


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